To me, happiness is happiness shared. You may read some of these experiences as a simple list, but know that they are filled with love, laughs and risk. These memories are as powerful as they are because, for the most part, I was guided, supported and surrounded by loved ones. I am the definition of blessed.

·       Spear fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.                                                 Ios – Greece

·       Walked The Anne Frank House.                                                                  Amsterdam – Netherlands

·       Played hockey with Jeremy Roenick and Matthew Perry.               Burbank – California

·       I’ve seen Saturday Night Live in person (live) four times.                   New York – New York

·       Floral Carpet in the rain; Mannequin Piss; Atomium.                        Brussels - Belgium

·       Walked The Acropolis and Parthenon.                                                     Athens - Greece

·       The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.                                                                    Edinburgh – Scotland

·       I’ve seen Shakespeare performed at The Globe Theatre.                 London – England

·       Saw the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup.                            Tampa – Florida

·       Ridden a Gondola down Venetian Canals.                                               Venice – Italy

·       Watched the sunset inside The Coliseum.                                               Rome – Italy

·       Shared a kiss at the top of The Eiffel Tower.                                           Paris – France

·       Snuck into LOLLAPALLOOZA to see Eminem perform.                     Chicago – Illinois

·       Saw 29 Castles in 1 month.                                                                             All over Europe

·       V/H/S VIRAL and SPRING premiered at Fantastic Fest                     Austin – Texas

·       Jumped off a 20-foot+ cliff/waterfall.                                                        Dominican Republic

·       Ordered an entire meal in fluent Spanish at age 15.                            Cancun – Mexico

·       Boated through the Panama Canal.                                                              Panama

·       Went scuba diving for shark teeth.                                                               Limon – Costa Rica

·       Camping in Muir woods and saw the giant Red Woods.                      San Francisco – California

·       The first time I saw snow, I broke my wrist snowboarding                 Aspen – Colorado

   and we got snowed in.  I loved every minute of it.             

·       I’ve performed magic in the tallest building in America.                     Willis Tower – Chicago

·       Rode bikes in the rain to fresh markets and The Forum.                     Montreal – Canada

·       Built a human Stonehenge at Stonehenge.                                                Wiltshire – England

·       Completed The 2013 TOUGH MUDDER race.                                        San Diego – California

·       Watched a Tornado uproot a massive tree and throw                         Tallahassee – Florida

it on my car. I then threw a “tornado” party. It was college.

·       Saw FSU Seminoles win it all in 2014 – lost my voice.                          Rose Bowl – California

·       Had 7 sword fights in Cyrano. I didn’t die.                                                  Chicago – Illinois

·       Drove “way too fast” on the Autobahn.                                                       Koln, Frankfurt, Munich – Germany

·       I’ve prayed at The Vatican. Twice. 2007 & 2013.                                    Vatican City – Italy

·       I built the rock climbing wall for the Kadzis family in                           Tallahassee – Florida

           Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

·       Drank 4 Guinness at the Guinness Brewery and3 Jameson              Dublin – Ireland

                            on the rocks at The Jameson Distillery, all before 1PM.         

·       I’ve worked as a plant in the audience for a high                                    Las Vegas – Nevada

           profile magician. (Can’t reveal my secrets).                                     

·       Played “Master of Puppets” by Metallica with my “band”                     Palm Harbor University High School

          one year after breaking my neck. I was 15, and                                     Palm Harbor - Florida

          for one night, I was a rock god at the talent show.                                                                                      

·       Became a Godfather to Olivia Iles.                                                                 Miami – Florida

·       Locked in solitary confinement at Alcatraz Prison.                                 San Francisco – California

·       I pretended to be Irish for a 6 day Cruise with full accent and          Nassau – Bahamas

            green Mohawk. I never broke character, not even to my Mom. 

·       I’ve made over 2,000 balloon animals for kids.                                          All over – Earth

·       Got soaked at Niagara Falls.                                                                              Niagara – Ontario

·       I saw Loch Ness, played in The Fairy Pools,                                                Isle of Skye – Scotland

           and hiked the Quiraing.

·       Swam with wild manatees in freshwater springs.                                     Ginnie Springs – Florida

·       Saw Mozart’s Birthplace & The Sound of Music Garden.                      Salzburg – Austria

·       I finally, FINALLY had a surprise party thrown for me                            Hollywood – California

            for my 27th Birthday.

·       Was one of the only white people at “Jump Up” parade.                        St. Maarten – Netherlands

·       Magician Member of the Academy of The Magical Arts                         Hollywood – California

            at the world famous Magic Castle!

·       Touched, hugged, and kissed The Stanley Cup.                                           Toronto – Canada

·       Hit a whiffle ball grand slam in 14 feet of snow.                                         Chicago – Illinois

·       Walked Bourbon Street drunk.                                                                           New Orleans – Louisiana

·       Worked as a Magician Apprentice for HOWL-O-SCREAM                       Busch Gardens, Tampa - Florida

            and my dressing room was beside the Elephant

            enclosure. I ate dinner with them every day for 3 months.

·       In one week I saw The Rosetta Stone, The E=Mc2                                     England, Italy, France.

           Chalk board, The Mona Lisa, The Statue of David,               

           The Sistine Chapel, The Thinker Statue, and Notre Dame.

·       Saw the best Christmas Market in the world, watched                            Prague – Czech Republic

           A KHL hockey game, and almost got arrested until a

           cop took $20 out of my wallet and told me “you run fast.”

·       Had a conversation about Breaking Bad for 20 minutes with                 Hollywood – California

           Robin Williams and Josh Groban when I was on The Crazy Ones.


I've also had foods where it's MEANT to be enjoyed. Here is a sampling for you foodies out there.

·      Lamb, chicken, steak, farm picked tomatoes, lemon potatoes, pita, Seafood, fresh cherries from a backyard tree, and probably 30 Gyros. I drank lots of Ouzo and Wine! in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Ios – Greece

·       Belgian waffles, fresh cut fries, mussels and LOTS chocolate in Ghent, Bruge, Brussels – Belgium

·       The best Chocolate in the world is in Amsterdam, not for the reasons you think.

·       Poutine and buttery warm chocolate croissants in Montreal – Canada.

·       A Royale with cheese, fries, and the most amazing pastries in the universe in Paris – France.

·       Pretzels, sausage, sauerkraut, beer, schwein knuckle in Munich, Berlin, Koln – Germany… I also had a frankfurter in Frankfurt!

·       Pasta, pizza, seafood, fresh cheese, olives, bread, and drank wine, limoncella in Rome, Florence, Polignano, Venice, Trieste – Italy

·       Firepit BBQ and Tex Mex in Dallas – Texas

·       Cuban sandwich in Miami – Florida

·       Jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp poboy and beignets in New Orleans – Louisiana

·       Weiner schnitzel and apple strudel in Salzburg – Austria

·       Lobster for Thanksgiving in Dominican Republic

·       Tacos, burritos, nachos, enchiladas in Cancun, Tijuana, Cozumel – Mexico

·       Fish and chips, bangers and mash in London – England.

·       Haggis, porridge in Edinburgh – Scotland

·       The best Deep Dish Pizza is at Pequods in Chicago – Illinois

·       New York style pizza, street hodogs in New York – New York

·       Corned beef, potatoes and cabbage in Dublin – Ireland. (My Aunt Claudia’s is ten times better)

·       It was like, 4 different meats, dumplings, red beer braised cabbage, gravy, bacon, potatoes, veggies, all thrown on a plate and I have no idea what it was but it was EUPHORIA! Prague – Czech Republic